Finale Ligure Backcountry

Away from the crowds on unknown trails, our 4x4 Defender takes us to the backcountry of  Finale Ligure.

Pietra Ligure -  world class EWS trails, wild nature, one of the highest peaks in the region, flow, speed, breathtaking sea views. That pretty much describes Pietra.



≈ - 5'000m of decent | + 250m uphill per day

An average of about 8 to 12 descents are expected on the daily tour.

Group size

max. 7 persons (excl. guide)

With our van and trailer we can transport up to 8 bikers. If you want to know more about our 4x4 Defender check out this blog post.


intermediate - advanced

Depending on the group, the tours are individually adapted to the ability, so that everyone gets his money's worth.


from steep, natural and rocky with sea view to flowy

You will spend the day in the backcountry of Pietra Ligure on the trails between Calizzano / Bardineto / Garessio and Osiglia.

Departure time / Tour duration

09:00 - 17:00 (lunch break at ~12:30)

Finale Ligure Backcountry

Request now without obligation.

€ 85 p.p.

/ min. 4 persons

€ 500 p. day

/ max. 8 persons
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Finale Ligure Backcountry
Group of Mountainbiker in the backcountry of Pietra Ligure
Mountainbiker in the backcountry of Pietra Ligure
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What is included?

professional guide
shuttleday tailored to you
Fulldayshuttle 09:00 - 17:00 

What you should know

What you should bring

Well-maintained mountain bike (We recommend a Fully with 130-170mm travel).
E-bikers are also welcome😜
MTB helmet
MTB glasses
Bike shoes
Hydration pack, hip bag or water bottle 
Snacks, gel or banana for between meals  

Not suitable for

Mountain bike beginners (Here we offer you an individual ride with coaching and riding technique training).
FAT-Bikes (Transport not possible)


Since you are responsible for your bike, please take tubes, tools and other spare parts yourself.
We point out that mountain biking with us is at your own risk. Each biker therefore assumes full responsibility for accidents and damage to his equipment and person. It is your responsibility to provide adequate insurance.


We are happy to take photos during the shuttleday and share them with you. Just ask your guide.
If you need lodging, dinner reservations, or a stop at a bike store, we can help.
We carry basic tools and spare parts in the shuttle.
We are flexible and helpful. If something goes wrong on the bike, we almost always find a solution for you.

Finale Outdoor, Strada di Gorra, 10, 17024 Gorra SV, Italien
We can pick up private groups of 6 people or more directly from the accommodation.

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Group of Mountainbiker in the backcountry of Pietra Ligure
Group of Mountainbiker in the backcountry of Finale Ligure
Mountainbiker Finale Ligure
Seaview Backcountry Finale Ligure
Alps view backcountry Finale Ligure
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You need a customized package?

Then do not hesitate and contact us.