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We have (almost) all the answers for you here! Here you will find an overview of what to expect. If something is still unclear, just contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to rent bikes from you?
Unfortunately, we do not currently offer bike rental. However, depending on the region, we can organize a bike for you on site. Don't hesitate and just ask us...
In which destinations do you offer the bike shuttle?
Generally where you want ;) We can shuttle for and with you to your favorite destination. Just ask us for it. No matter if Black Forest, Vosges, Piombino or Ticino ;)Alternatively you can find our offers here: Enduro Guiding
Do you offer luggage transport or shared travel?
Depending on the offer, we can organize a luggage transport or a joint arrival for an extra charge. We offer space for 8 people with luggage and bike. This can also be done independently. Write us for this via Contact form or Whatsapp.
My companion can not mountain bike. Can she still come along?
Yes! We are happy about everyone who wants to travel with us. It doesn't matter if you just want to take photos or do yoga during the day. For your accompanying person(s) we will charge a separate price without the bike services. We will gladly make you an offer.
Where is the meeting point of your camps?
As soon as we have received your booking, we will send you an email with all the details. We will also be happy to send you the information via WhatsApp.
From how many people do you offer the shuttle service?
The shuttle is available from a group of 4 people. We can take a maximum of 8 people per shuttle. If you are less than four people, we can look at it together depending on the desired region. Just contact us.
What does a shuttle day look like?
Our shuttle is at your disposal from 09:00 to 17:00. On a private shuttle day, the driver is fully at your disposal and responds to your trail requests. Including fuel for 200 km (€ 0,50 / additional km). 

At a shuttle event with guide we show you the strongest trails in the respective bike region with countless shuttle runs. The combination of trails makes the experience of good Enduro days. We know the many access points and are specialized in the perfect Enduro experience.

Usually the group (guide + max. 7 bikers) starts together at 09:00 am. At ~12:30 we have a short lunch break. Food is not included, for the biker lunch you have to plan between € 10-20 or bring your own lunch. After that we start the second half of the day invigorated. At 17:00 we end the fullday shuttle with a round of high-fives and an afterride beer.
What does a normal guided tour look like?
Our day tours last about 6 hours with a lunch break. Depending on the tour, we stop for lunch at a restaurant or bar.

Generally we do 1-4 climbs per day (700 - 1500 vertical meters) depending on the group and the tour. The climbs are on asphalt, gravel roads and trails. Depending on the tour, our shuttle will take us to the starting point of the tour, but the climbs must be done under your own power. We usually start at 09:00 after a short coffee stop. We are usually back around 16:00-18:00. Afterwards we have an afterride beer together.
Which level classification do you have?
Our offers require different prerequisites. To divide the level across the board is very difficult and in our opinion does not work. 

In principle, it depends on several factors. On the one hand, it is the condition, the safety and the level on the bike - that is, the riding technique. Here we can of course only properly assess you when we see you on the trail. However, it helps us to assess you, if you briefly explain to us how your home trails look like and what you have done so far for tours.  

The following are a few rough guidelines: You like to move off-road. On an asphalt mountain road you can manage 400 - 600 meters of altitude in one hour. You are looking for a challenge and dare to ride on demanding trails. However, you have enough self-confidence to descend a passage that you do not trust yourself to do. 

In general, our offers are not suitable for beginners and you should bring a certain level. However, we are also happy to offer you an individual training. We know only too well what is important, after all, we have also started once.
Do you have a singeltrail scale?
Yes, here we refer to the following single trail scale  The single trail scale is divided into three difficulty classes: easy, medium and difficult. You can orient yourself on an average bike (29" / 130-170mm travel). The difficulty levels are differentiated by six classes. However, we often notice that even here the classification is very difficult and individual.
Is your question not listed? Then contact us via contact form or Whatsapp.