Our Enduro Rides Bikeshuttle


In style, we head to the entrance of the trails in a Land Rover Defender.
Why did we choose a 4x4 Defender for our bikeshuttle?
 That and more you will learn in this blog post 😉

Enduro MTB Rides Bikeshuttle Day

Why a bike shuttle?  

For us it was pretty quickly clear that when we tackle enduro rides, we want a Bikeshuttle need. Anyone who has ever taken part in a shuttle day knows the unique feeling and the advantages of the bike shuttle.🤘 Even if you only need the bike shuttle as a transfer to the tour entry or as a conclusion back to the accommodation, it is simply practical. 

In the search for the perfect bikeshuttle was not only the towing vehicle to choose.

Which towing vehicle is suitable as a bike shuttle?

The decision for the bikeshuttle was the easy thing, but which vehicle is perfect as a bikeshuttle? As experienced campers, we first thought of a van, of course. After careful consideration and the first research it was clear, with a van we are too limited. 9 seats, 4x4 and off-road capability were the minimum requirements for a good bikeshuttle. After a longer evaluation phase we decided for our Land Rover Defender 110. 

Mountainbike Bikeshuttle in Thusis Graubünden

Our Land Rover Defender Bikeshuttle

Why a Defender? We heard this question not only once ;) Well - not only because he is simply awesome! 

The unmistakable silhouette reflects the character of the vehicle even at first glance. Large, robust and off-road capable! The 122 hp five-cylinder diesel TD5 engine has enough torque. The permanent all-wheel drive with selectable reduction gives us enough flexibility to hit the trails in the backcountry of Finale Ligure or in Thusis (Graubünden). A functional interior, 9 seats and decent towing capacity - trails here we come!

Land Rover Defender 110 Bikeshuttle Zugfahrzeug

No sooner said than done - bought Landy in good condition. The matching color in Defender Gray selected, painted and pasted accordingly. Voila - our bikeshuttle 

Lackierung des Land Rover Defender Bikeshuttle Zufahrzeug
lackierter Land Rover Defender 110

How do I organize a bikeshuttle trailer?

The towing vehicle was one thing, the trailer the other. As DIY bikers, we discussed a lot whether a self-built would not be the right thing. In the end, we decided for reasons of time and manageability for a small trailer from England with space for 8 bikes. With it we can even get through the bushes in the backcountry of Finale Ligure or into the small mountain villages in Ticino. The bikeshuttle trailer came to us in Switzerland via England through a contact to a bike guide from Finale Ligure. So after the successful customs clearance, nothing stood in the way. 

Enduro Rides Bikeshuttle

Enduro Rides Bikeshuttle🤙

Now we are ready to spend awesome biking days with you and explore different single trails. If you are also up for the Defender bike shuttle, check out our Enduro Mountainbike Offers

PS: In the near future there will be more bike offers following the motto "Guiding | Shuttle | Holidays".

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Land Rover Defender 4x4 mit Bikeshuttle Anhänger
Our Enduro Rides Bikeshuttle

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