Here you can find all information about our CONTRACT AND TRAVEL CONDITIONS


Subject of the contract
These General Terms and Conditions of Contract and Travel (GTCT) govern the legal relationship between you and Enduro Rides MTB Guide Michael Schneider (hereinafter referred to as Enduro Rides) for travel events offered by Enduro Rides.
Conclusion of contract
The contract between you and Enduro Rides comes into effect with an unconditional acceptance of your oral, written or electronic registration on the website. From that moment on, the rights and obligations according to the contractual agreements and these GTCS become effective for you and Enduro Rides.
Our services result according to the service description on the website/flyer and from the travel documents. Unless otherwise stated, only the guiding costs and the bike shuttle service are included in the price. Other services such as catering, arrival and return travel, accommodation, etc. are only part of the contract if they have been explicitly designated as such by Enduro Rides. The services of Enduro Rides start from the starting and meeting point of the event, unless otherwise stated in the travel description. You are responsible for your own arrival (including compliance with any entry requirements) and timely arrival and bear the corresponding costs.
Prices and payment terms
The prices for a travel event can be seen in the respective announcement on the website or the flyers. Upon receipt of the booking confirmation with detailed documents, a deposit must be paid. The payment for the remaining amount must be made by - at the latest 14 days before the start of the event for events lasting several days;- at the latest on the day of the event for one-day events. In case of late payments, Enduro Rides can refuse the service.
Withdrawal/cancellation/termination by the customer
Cancellation before the start of the trip for multi-day events
If you cancel (annul) the event, you must notify Enduro Rides immediately. If you cancel the event within the following deadlines before the start, cancellation fees will be due as follows:

- up to 30 days CHF 0.00;
- 29 to 15 days half the price;
- 14 days to 0 days the total price.
Decisive for the calculation of the cancellation costs is the arrival of your declaration at Enduro Rides.

Cancellation before the start of the trip for one-day events
If you cancel (annul) the event, you must notify Enduro Rides immediately. If you cancel the event within the following deadlines before the start, cancellation fees will be due as follows:

- up to 2 days CHF 0.00;
- 1 day to 0 days the total price.
Decisive for the calculation of the cancellation costs is the arrival of your declaration at Enduro Rides.

The following cases are reserved:
If the FDFA and / or the FOPH expressly advises against a trip to the planned region, you will only have to pay the processing fees of CHF 200, any insurance premiums and the expenses verifiably incurred by Enduro Rides. In the event of a subsequent price increase, you have the right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with the AVRB specifications in "Program and Price Changes".

Cancellation during the trip
If you cancel the contract in whole or in part during the trip, break off the trip, there is no right to a refund of the tour price.
No insurances are included. We strongly recommend that you take out cancellation costs and return travel insurance. Each participant is responsible for comprehensive insurance coverage in case of accident and illness, including coverage of any rescue and recovery costs.
Program and travel changes
Enduro Rides expressly reserves the right to change service descriptions and advertised prices prior to your booking. Should this be the case, Enduro Rides will inform you about these changes before the conclusion of the contract.

In exceptional cases, it is possible that the agreed price will have to be increased after the contract has been concluded, especially in the event of exchange rate changes or government-imposed price increases or increased charges and fees.

Enduro Rides reserves the right, also in your interest, to change the travel program or individual agreed services (such as accommodation, transport, change of guide, tour) if unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances (especially weather, safety) require it. Enduro Rides will endeavor to offer equivalent substitute services. The participant shares the risk for unfavorable tour conditions. He must be prepared before and during the trip to comprehensive changes regarding program, area, arrival and accommodation. Any additional costs will be charged to the participant. In particular, Enduro Rides is not liable for changes in the tour program due to force majeure or unforeseeable official measures. Enduro Rides will inform you as soon as possible about such changes and their impact on the price. If the program change or the change of individual agreed services after the conclusion of the contract but before departure leads to a significant change of an essential point of the contract or if the price increase is more than 10 percent, you have the right to withdraw from the contract within 5 days after receiving our notification. You will be refunded the already paid travel price immediately.
Trip cancellation by Enduro Rides
For individual events offered by Enduro Rides, a minimum number of participants applies, which you will find with the respective tour description. If the designated minimum number of participants is not reached, Enduro Rides can cancel the event at the latest 15 days before the scheduled start. In this case, the already paid travel price will be refunded. Further claims are excluded. Events of force majeure (e.g. natural disasters, epidemics, riots), official measures or strikes can cause Enduro Rides to cancel the trip. In such a case, you will orient Enduro Rides as soon as possible. If the trip is cancelled, Enduro Rides will make every effort to offer you a substitute trip of equal value. If this is not possible, the amounts already paid will be refunded.
Requirements and cooperation obligations of the participants
Participation in all our events requires good health as well as reliable, tour-proven and well-maintained equipment. If there are points regarding health (especially e.g. taking medication, fear of heights, claustrophobia, etc.) that could be relevant in an emergency situation during the trip, Enduro Rides must be informed before the start of the trip. In addition, the requirements for fitness and riding technique, which are mentioned in the invitation to tender, are to be strictly observed. During the whole tour it is strictly compulsory to wear a helmet. The participant is responsible for all these areas. Enduro Rides resp. the guide can exclude a participant before or during the event if the aforementioned requirements are not met. An exclusion is also possible if the instructions of the guide are not followed. In case of exclusion for the aforementioned reasons, the already paid travel price will not be refunded.
Liability of Enduro Rides
In case of complaints during the trip you have to inform the guide immediately. Enduro Rides will reimburse you for the value of services agreed upon but not rendered or poorly rendered, to the extent that it was not possible to provide an equivalent substitute service on the spot. Enduro Rides is liable for personal injury, death, bodily harm and illness, which are the result of the non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the contract, provided that the damages are the fault of Enduro Rides or its service providers. In the case of property damage and financial loss resulting from the non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the contract, the liability of Enduro Rides is limited to a maximum of twice the price of the trip.

Enduro Rides shall not be liable if the non-performance or improper performance of the contract is due to the following causes:
a) to failures on your part before or during the event,
b) to unforeseeable or unavoidable failures of a third party who is not involved in the provision of the contractually agreed service,
c) to force majeure or to an event that Enduro Rides or the service provider could not foresee or avert despite due diligence.
In these cases, any liability for damages on the part of Enduro Ridesis excluded.
All advertised routes, tracks and GPS tracks are protected by copyright and may only be used within the legally permitted scope. In particular, it is not allowed without the express permission of Enduro Rides or the guide, GPS recordings of the purchased services to third parties, to publish on the Internet or otherwise, to share or download. Any commercial use is not permitted. In case of violation Enduro Rides reserves the right to take measures.
Image material
During the trip, visual material is created that can recognizably show individual persons. These pictures are taken by guests or the guide and made available to fellow travelers. Enduro Rides reserves the right to use the pictures for marketing purposes. If you do not agree with the use of the resulting images for marketing purposes, you must note this in the registration or inform Enduro Rides.
Enduro Rides uses customer data for the processing of registrations and for sending the newsletter. The customer data is also passed on to the guide and the participants to ensure the implementation. If you do not agree with the transfer of their data to the relevant fellow travelers, you must note this when registering.
Applicable law/jurisdiction
Swiss law is applicable to the legal relationship between you and Enduro Rides. Subject to mandatory statutory provisions, Wil SG, court district Wil SG.
Valid version AVRB
The current version of the GTCS is available on the homepage www.enduro-rides.com and will also be provided in writing prior to the conclusion of the contract, if required.
Wil, April 2022