Our bikeshuttle offers in Finale Ligure


Our bikeshuttle offers in Finale Ligure

Of course we have various bike shuttle offers in Finale Ligure in our programme. The most famous shuttle tour is the Finale Ligure Classic. In a day full of action and adrenaline, you go on the best and most famous trails from the NATO base or Melogno. These include trails like Toboga, Rollercoaster, Ingegnere, Crestino, Pino Morto and Madre Natura.  Or the trails by the sea like DH-Men or Briga.

Our Land Rover Defender Bikeshuttle also takes you into the hinterland of Finale Ligure. On the Backcountry Shuttle Tour we explore the trails around Bardineto, Calizzano and Pietra Ligure. The temperatures are often much lower there in summer. The trails are less frequented. Views of Liguria, Piedmont, deserted valleys, mountains and nature. You quickly notice that you are moving away from the coast. The vegetation and fauna are completely different from those at the front in Finale Ligure

In addition to the Finale Classic and the Backcountry Tour, we also offer the Castelvecchio Shuttleday. The still very new and unknown trails of Castelvecchio and Erli are an absolute insider tip. Many new trails were built around the medieval town last year. Some of them are difficult to access and can only be reached with our Land Rover Defender.

Enduro Rides Bikeshuttle in Finale Ligure

We combine the tour so that on the way to Castelvecchio we have several descents on the trails of Bardineto and Calizzano. On the way home to Finale we also ride the trails of Bardineto and Pietra Ligure. An absolutely perfect Enduro day not far from Finale Ligure. Find out more about the shuttle day below. 😋

Finale Ligure Classic Shuttleday

Are you ready for party laps on the best trails of Finale Ligure?

The Finale Classic Tour takes you from the mountains to the sea! We will show you the trail masterpieces of Finale Ligure like Little Champery, Madonna della Guardia or Toboga di Canova. We are also happy to take you on the trails of Le Manie, Orco Feglino and San Bernardino.

Mountainbiker in Finale Ligure on a Fulldayshuttle

We start from the well-known starting points such as Nato Base, DIN or Forte Melogno.

The trails are mainly suitable for experienced bikers. In the upper part, the trails run in the forest and the ground is mostly earthy. As you move towards the coast and the sea, the terrain changes to mixed terrain with rocky and stony ground. We would like to point out that the Finale Ligure Classic Tour is not suitable for beginners. We are not saying that beginners should not come to Finale Ligure. However, in our opinion it does not make sense for beginners to sign up for a full-day shuttle in Finale Ligure in a mixed bike group. Here we offer you an individual ride with coaching and riding technique training. This is the best way to get to know Finale Ligure without stress and group pressure. Alternatively, we also offer guided day tours with two uplifts. Just get in touch with us!

You already know all the trails in Finale Ligure? - Are you sure? We certainly have a few insiders and surprises in store for you. Finale Ligure's trail network is so big, you'll hardly run out of options.

If you're coming to Finale Ligure and want to try something new and unique, then one of the following bike shuttle tours is just right for you!

Group of Montainbiker in Finale Ligure
NATO BASE - the classic

Backcountry Shuttleday

Hidden in one of the largest beech forests in Europe are super flowing trails that many have not yet experienced. Surrounded by the quiet forest, it's much more relaxed here. The trails are less frequented and offer more relaxation. On the Backcountry Shuttleday we move between Calizzano, Bardineto and Pietra Ligure. Away from tourism, we ride on trails of medium difficulty with a super flow through the quiet forests. The less crowded places and more relaxed riding have been much appreciated by our guests so far on this tour. The trails are suitable for less experienced bikers. Alternatively, we can spend the morning on the super flowy trails of Osiglia and only set off towards Bardineto in the afternoon.

Backcountry Shuttletour in Finale Ligure
Descent on the Rientro Trail to Calizzano

You already know the backcountry of Finale Ligure?  Then we recommend you try the Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena tour. This tour is an absolute highlight!

Castelvecchio Shuttleday

Around 40 km in the hinterland of Finale Ligure you will find fantastic and super flowing trails with a completely different character. In Valneva around Castelvecchio, Erli and Zuccarello, the trail builders have really stepped on the gas in recent years. The trails can be combined into an absolutely perfect bike shuttle tour.  You will feel like you are riding in a completely new area with many newly built trails. Castelvecchio is really beautiful, it's great to ride here and the view of the medieval castle is incredible!

The medieval village of Castelvecchio alone would be worth a trip, but as a combined shuttle tour from Finale Ligure, it's even better. We start from the starting point Isallo Extasy, but then branch off after the first part in the direction of Bardineto and Calizzano. Through the largest beech forest in Europe (also called Barbottina forest) we ride down to Bardineto on super trails. From there we take the bike shuttle towards Colle Scravaion and Brig Schenasso. With breathtaking views and alpine panorama, some of the best trails of the Valneva start here. Not far from Albenga in the Valneva, near Erli and Castelvecchio, you will find the perfect spot for freeride and enduro tours. From technical rock passages with a view to faster sections in the forest, there is still a little insider tip hidden there. On the whole tour you have the feeling of being far away from the crowd of Finale Ligure. It gives the impression that you are the only bike group riding these perfect trails.

Group of Mountainbiker in Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena with Enduro Rides Bikeshuttle

For lunch we go to a typical restaurant in the middle of the medieval village of Castelvecchio. With a view of the castle, we enjoy a cool drink and a lovingly prepared three-course biker menu.

In the afternoon we continue on trails like Ca du Campo, Parpage or Valle Auzza. Afterwards we return to Bardineto via Bric Schenasso, Dondella or Green River. Finally, we enjoy the EWS trails of 2020 to Pietra Ligure. With another 1000 m of descent, this is the perfect end to enjoy one of the best gelatos on the beach.

View of Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena
Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena

As we said, Finale Ligure offers more than you think. 😜

The backcountry tour as well as the Castelvecchio shuttle tour can be combined as a relaxed and challenging tour. Depending on your level and your needs.  Both shuttle tours are a bit different from the classic Finale tour. It can happen that you have to pedal up 100 - 150 m from the shuttle points to the trailhead. Because even with our Land Rover Defender as a bike shuttle, we can't get everywhere 😉 So it often happens that at the end of the day you have conquered just under 300 m under your own steam.

Enduro Rides Guide Michi in the Backcountry of Finale Ligure

Why book a Fulldayshuttle in Finale Ligure?

With a full-day shuttle, we offer you a bike shuttle day tailored to your group with a German-speaking bike guide. You benefit from the maximum possible comfort. You will meet new, like-minded people and your guide will certainly show you a few lines that will make the trail smoother and you faster.

No time-consuming tour planning | no surprises with closed trails | no overcrowded shuttles

With a Fulldayshuttle we offer you the possibility to get to know the whole variety of Finale Ligure. Moreover, you can reach the maximum number of runs and trails in one day. This is not possible with one or more singleuplift(s). Our shuttle driver waits for us near the trail exit, load up the bikes and off we go to the next trail. No 15-minute roll down to Finalborgo, no unnecessary waiting time for the next shuttle ride. What's more, with our Land Rover Defender Bikeshuttle we can reach starting points that are not accessible with a singleuplift. So you don't waste time and energy on the uphill. In addition, you can store your necessary things in the bikeshuttle and don't have to carry everything with you. If something goes wrong, we know good bike mechanics around Finale Ligure and almost always find a solution.

Mountainbiker on the Trail DH-Men in Finale Ligue

Finale Ligure is very versatile and has many different trails with their own character. Depending on the region within the Finale Outdoor Region, you will find different possibilities for the most diverse needs. Finale Ligure has almost no flow trails to offer. However, you will also find trails that are not quite as rough and demanding. These are also fun for beginners and children.  We don't care whether we go to Osiglia on the flow trails or do the DH-Men twice. - We will organise the day as you wish!

You are a comfortable rider and only want 3-4 descents? But you want to discover the best cappuccinos and viewpoints? Or do you want to go to a special restaurant for lunch? No problem, we'll make it happen, as long as it's convenient for the whole group. Alternatively, we recommend booking the bike shuttle privately for you and your group. You only want a half-day tour? No problem, just mention this when booking!

Bikerlunch in Finale Ligure
Panini as a bikerlunch

Is a Fulldayshuttle the right thing to do when I come to Finale Ligure?

Of course, there is no general answer to this question, but as a rule, the myth about the full-day shuttle is totally unfounded. On closer inspection, it actually makes perfect sense to book a full-day shuttle.

We often get enquiries about whether it makes sense to go biking in a heterogeneous group. Of course, this always depends on the individuals in the group, but we try to find out in advance what the level of the participants is and where else you ride or what kind of trails you prefer. Of course, a neutral self-assessment is always best.

You should be able to answer the following questions in advance:

Do I like riding in a mixed bike group?  

Some people feel stressed by riding in a group. This is because it can happen that if you are the tail light in the group, you quickly feel pressure. This creates unnecessary stress and increases the risk of falling. Provided you don't mind this, you've come to the right place!

Enduro Rides Camp in Finale Ligure

Is this my first time in Finale Ligure?

Of course, mixed groups harmonise best when you ride at a similar level. Finale Ligure has its very own character, so it makes sense for beginners not to sign up for a group that already knows Finale Ligure and wants to go full throttle. Depending on requests, we also have groups of "newbies" where we can take you along without any problems. Otherwise, we recommend one of our camps or a guided day tour with two uplifts.

Do I want to get to know as many trails of Finale Ligure as possible?

This is only possible with a full-day shuttle. 😜Unless you have Nino Schurter power!

Depending on the group, we manage between six and ten descents on the Finale Classic Bikeshuttleday, so a lot comes together here. As already mentioned, Finale Ligure is very versatile and actually you only see a fraction of Finale Ligure with a fulldayshuttle.

What is the right thing for me?

Often our clients ask us what is the right deal for them in Finale Ligure.

We know from our private Finale Ligure experience. You sit in the shuttle with 8 sweaty bikers and ride the same trails in the same way every time. You can't have a say in what happens and then there's the group stress - long story short - there's a lack of flexibility. That's what we at Enduro Rides want to avoid with our bike shuttle offers in Finale Ligure!

Of course, in a shared shuttle you can only have a limited say in which trails are ridden. But we still want to cater to you as much as possible. We don't have a rigid shuttle programme. We don't ride the same tour every time, but always try to find the best possible trail combination for the group. Of course, it can happen that there are very different skills and characters among the seven bikers. Which means you have to adapt a bit, but that's what makes a group! In return, you get to know new people with the same awesome hobby. 😋

We also offer you the option of booking the bike shuttle privately, just for your group. This is our personal favourite when we go shuttling. This is of course the best way to fully cater to you and your needs. This way, our bike guide and shuttle driver is only available to you. It doesn't matter whether you're a recreational professional with a thirst for banging or a more leisurely pleasure tour. You decide what you prefer and which trails to ride.

Enduro Rides MTB Guide Matthias in Finale Ligure
Defender Bikeshuttle Enduro Rides

How does a Fulldayshuttle in Finale Ligure work?

For the full-day shuttle, we usually start the day at 09:00. The meeting point is the car park of the cemetery at Finale Outdoor Point. You can find the directions here:

Meeting Point for a shuttleday in Finale Ligure

We are also happy to pick up groups of 6 or more or private shuttle days directly from the accommodation.

From here, we head straight to the first starting point. On the first trail you get to know the group and we get to know you. Based on this, we assess the group and adapt the day and the trails as individually as possible. Between 12:30 and 13:00 we go to lunch. Usually we go to a restaurant for a short biker lunch. Depending on the shuttle tour, it is a combination of pasta or a 3-course meal.

Alternatively, the lunch break can be shortened with a quick panini and a Coke. Strengthened, the second half of the day starts according to the motto Ride-Shuttle-Repeat.

You'd rather ride through and finish at 15:00? That's no problem either! Just let us know in advance and coordinate with the group.

We will then return from the last run between 17:00 and 18:00. Depending on what you want to do, you can go straight to the aperitivo to round off the day or continue individually.

The bike shuttle day usually takes place with a minimum of four people. You are less? No problem, just contact us and we will find a solution.

Group of Mountainbiker in Finale Ligure

What else does Enduro Rides have to offer in Finale Ligure?

Our Enduro MTB Camps

Party Laps | Food Porn | Perfect Enduro Days

This is our Enduro Rides promise. Our multi-day offers with all-round service provide you with maximum comfort. With accommodation including half board, bike shuttle and bike guide, we offer you a fully comprehensive package. An all-inclusive bike holiday, so to speak! You'll meet like-minded people, sit back, relax and have a good time on your bike. Because that's what it's all about!

From the 2023 season, you can also book the camps privately for your group on the date of your choice.  

Not the right one? Then just ask us.

You want a sunrise or sunset ride? No problem - we're always happy to do that too. With a certain degree of flexibility, we can also adapt all offers to your needs.

We also offer coaching and day tours.

Guided MTB Tour in Finale Ligure
Our bikeshuttle offers in Finale Ligure

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