Enduro Rides - Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Enduro Rides!

Our first blog post is about the genesis of Enduro Rides, the individuals behind it, the sport of enduro mtb and what we plan to do with you. ūü§ô


A few bike maniacs with ideas!

That's the best way to describe us! We come from Germany and Switzerland and have completely different backgrounds. Be it from industry, politics or IT. 

However, all of us are two-wheel enthusiasts in every form. In addition, we are a little crazy. We are explorers and we love nature. Exactly, that's what connects us too! 

We were sitting one morning in February on the bench in front of the small church Madonna della Guardia in the enduro mecca in Finale Ligure . While doing so, we looked down into the sunrise to Finale. While we philosophized about life, we asked ourselves why there is the bike concept Finale Ligure nowhere else in the vicinity? It became clear to us quite quickly, we want to move something.


Finale Ligure - Sonnenaufgang Madonna della Guardia
Sunrise Madonna della Guardia (Finale Ligure)


Why Enduro?

First, take a step back! In Enduro, the basic idea goes back to conquer the uphill with your own power and then plunge into the longed-for downhill.

Enduro riding focuses more on highly technical and rough descents, which is why the bikes are designed accordingly. 

Today's Enduro races such as we see from the EWS know run according to the following scheme.


Finale Ligure Enduro World Series Stages
Enduro World Series Stages Finale Ligure

As a rule, most races have between four and five stages that have to be mastered. So you have an extremely high proportion of trails. Of course, the pros have a lot at stake in the Enduro World Series races, and the pressure is correspondingly high. 

However, there are now also countless amateur-level enduro racing series. To name a few examples: 

4-Enduro Series 

Swiss Enduro Series 

Enduro Cup Lombardia 

3-Länder Enduro 


There are so many great races now and a lot of racing opportunities developed from the grass roots scene in recent years. 

What you always realize about enduro racing is that in the end it's about meeting new people, shredding with your buddies, laughing and having a good time!

That's exactly what excites us about Enduro. Enduro still has a lot of potential in our opinion, as our friends from Enduro also write in their article.

So Enduro became a kind of movement in recent years and changed the sport of mountain biking like hardly anything before. We want to build on that. 

Madonna della Guardia
Madonna della Guardia

Why Enduro-Rides?

That's a good question. We believe that there is still a lot of potential in mountain biking. And it's precisely this potential that we want to exploit with you. 

Enduro races are a great opportunity to get to know new places with new trails. But you don't have to do an Enduro race ;) We want to give you the opportunity for a perfect summer weekend with your friends even without a race. We want to show you new trails and new regions. We are of the opinion that there are still many interesting regions that are not yet developed. So, let's discover them. Because that's what we love to do - discover new things - exciting encounters - good vibes only! 

We didn't just want to become another guiding provider, we also want to open up regions better. That's why it was clear that we also needed a corresponding shuttle. And how does a bike shuttle work best? Yes, exactly, with a Defender! But we also want to pedal in the sense of the real Enduro philosophy of course one or the other meters of altitude.   

So it was also quickly clear to us that we do not want to focus on just one region. We are campers, road trippers and explorers. Which is why we offer you in a first step in the greater area 3-country corner various Offers bieten. Welche wir aber fortlaufend ausbauen wollen.  


On that note:

High-fives, party-laps and let the shred never end! 

Stay tuned, stay healthy and hope to see you soon. Cheers 

Aperitiv Aperol Spritz
Enduro Rides - Happy Birthday

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